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Iacobescu Antonia is a singer and a model of Romanian origin born in Bucharest, Romania, appreciated for its beauty and special vocal talent.
Antonia was born in April 1989 in the capital of Romania, and at age 5 moved with her ​​parents to the United States of America. Antonia Iacobescu spent her childhood and adolescence in Utah and Las Vegas, where she finished high school and took the first steps in modeling. She participated in hundreds of photo shoots for catalogs and got to work with large American agencies such as Ford Models and Lenz . However, Antonia was left with a bitter taste after the experience of the model, because the rivalry between models.
Antoniaa began singing at age 10 and made music school in the U.S.. The fact that she lived among black people influenced her music. RnB and Soul styles she feels closest to the heart, the musical styles that influenced it in a decisive manner.

"Roses on Fire"

After years spent in the U.S., Antonia returned with her family in Romania. Here, she met Tom Boxer through a fitness trainer who had heard her singing, equally impressing voice and beauty. Antonia and Tom met and so was born her first hit "Roses on Fire"


Another song that Antonia won the hearts of listeners, "Morena" is created by Tom Boxer and sung in a very special way by Antonia, is suitable barometers tv radio audience measurement, "Romanian most played song of the moment "in February 2010.


In the summer of 2011, Antonia returned to the stage in her new career as a solo singer. It has released a new single called "Marionette" written by Dutch producer and DJ Afrojack. The song debuted at position 96 in the top most listened songs of Romania.


It is the song "Marabou" which has a different sound from what I've read in Antonia, and she has an "special" super sensual and hot interpretation. Once again, as in Jame, singer uses words and phrases that make fans wonder what it means.

According to wikipedia.com, Marabou is a brand of chocolate, a term used for the people of Haiti, a plant, a bird or a cloth.

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